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Azure Cloud Resume Challenge


I’m delighted to take part in the Azure Cloud Resume Challenge. This is a portion of the A Cloud Guru Challenge.

➡️Here Is My GO At It.

That is the Azure Storage Domain; you can visit the website via the custom domain above on the right! that’s what it’s all about lol.




I was able to complete all of the challenges except for the CDN part under Azure Storage since the “Azure for Students” subscription does not support it.

Considering a solution for the custom domain

Using CloudFlare DNS as indirect CNAME validation + this should increase the speed and security 😃.

Everything is ready now, you should be able to run your website without the need for a CDN.

⚠️ Click here⚠️

To read my blog post about the challenge and how my troubleshooting went.


I’d been thinking about this project for a while. I was so moved by The Cloud Resume Challenge and the cool technologies used in tandem. Additionally, I’m an Azure fanboy so I thought it best to give it a shot prior to my excursion into aws!

Table of Contents

  1. Project Description
  2. To be done
  3. Building Static Website
  4. Deployment of Azure Function
  5. Deployment of Website to Azure
  6. Building CI/CD pipeline


To be done

Building Static Website

Creation of Azure Function

Deployment of Azure Function

Deployment of Website to Azure

Building CI/CD pipeline

More Resources!

Storage Account

Enable HTTPS and custom domain

Set up GitHub Action